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April 7 marks the 20th commemoration of the start of the Rwandan genocide in which at least 800,000 people were killed.

Post your message of solidarity with survivors and/or genocide prevention using the #Rwanda20 hashtag, or submit right to our tumblr. All photos will be displayed in Rwanda during the 100 days of genocide commemoration.

For real though! Post a pic at www.rwanda20th.com!

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You don’t care if I’m Vietnamese. You don’t care about my truth. And I bet if I asked you to tell me the meaning of “woman,” you wouldn’t be able to give one that embodies the whole of what it means to be one. My body and my borders have been defined by you for too long. I am not an object of desire. I am not a background character in the self-congratulatory story of your existence. What is my truth? Who I am and how I define myself are none of your fucking business. Quit taking away my respect and start earning it.


a beautiful project. go to this blog and read these truths.

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Who run the world?

Eunice Hunton Carter ’21, first woman of color to join the New York district attorney’s office; instrumental in the conviction of mob boss Lucky Luciano

Catharine MacKinnon ’69, pioneering legal scholar; instrumental in sexual harassment being recognized as a form of sex discrimination

Ann Baumgartner Carl ’39, first woman to fly a jet plane (the Bell YP-59A, America’s first turbojet aircraft)

Gloria Steinem ’56, pictured with Ms. co-founder Dorothy Pitman Hughes

Betty Friedan ’42, author of The Feminine Mystique and founder of the National Organization for Women

Julia Child ’34, top secret researcher in the Office of Strategic Services and author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking

Molly Ivins ’66, bestselling journalist, political commentator, and humorist

Tammy Baldwin ’84, first openly gay U.S. Senator

Love my alma mater. Don’t forget Madeleine L’Engle and Yolanda King to name a couple more!

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Other Half

I love this so much

The Origin of Love. Beautifully illustrated.

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Fall 2013 Classes!


  • Feminism, Race, and Resistance
  • Education in the City
  • Theories of Society
  • Gender, Law and Policy

Feminism, Race, and Resistance was an awesome class!

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